Keenwah, Co. would love to cater your wedding, party, corporate event, business breakfast, lunch or dinner! 


  • We have two catering options:
    • Catering Service with the Keenwah, Co. Food Truck
    • Prepared Dish Catering without The Keenwah, Co. Food Truck
  • Catering Minimum with the Food Truck: our minimum food and beverage order (2 hours of service) starts at $850*. Our prices are subject to change based on location, additional hours, guests and service time. Service and travel fees will be added to the food and beverage price.
  • Catering Minimum without the Food Truck: our minimum to bring prepared dishes starts at $250*, plus a $40 delivery charge. 
  • Please contact us at or 720-446-YUM2 for additional inquiries


*Prices do not include sales tax or gratuity