hey, come meet our team.

Elizabeth McDermott Crofoot founded Keenwah, Co. in 2014. A native Coloradan, Elizabeth developed her love of food at a young age, often sneaking into the family refrigerator after everyone else had gone to bed for some midnight snacks. After attending college on the east coast and working for several years at a magazine in New York City, Elizabeth, or Biz as she is known to most, returned to Colorado to attend law school at the University of Denver. After several years as a practicing attorney, Elizabeth found herself yearning for a new challenge. Always an entrepreneur at heart, she decided to start a food truck that would bring her most beloved health food, quinoa, to the masses. Her vision for the company is to make the superfood delicious and approachable for people who can't event pronounce "quinoa." Although she is still practicing law, you can often find her manning the wheel of our 18-foot freight liner, or taking orders at the window. She can even sometimes be heard dispensing free legal advice to our most loyal customers. 




Nick Crofoot is the Chief Marketing Officer of Keenwah, Co. overseeing the truck's brand and marketing activities. Nick has a passion for healthy eating, initially honing his cooking skills as a member of the kitchen staff at Chase's Daily, a farm-to-table vegetarian restaurant in his hometown of Belfast, Maine. Nick continues to hone those skills from time to time as a line cook on the truck. Nick has extensive experience in marketing strategy and is currently a Vice President at Penn Shoen Berland, a renowned market research and strategic communications consultancy. In that role, he advises leading corporate clients like Facebook, MetLife and Western Union on their brand positioning and message strategy. Nick is a graduate of Dartmouth College and lives in Denver with his wife and business partner, Elizabeth. 

Alex Spreigl, our Managing Chef, is a Johnson & Wales University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Nutrition. He has learned the importance of seasonal cooking both through schooling and working at several restaurants in the Denver area including 1515 Restaurant and Lola Coastal Mexican. After helping to open a Brew Pub in Centennial, Colorado, and working there as managing Chef for a year, Alex felt like he had lost touch with his roots; the need to cook wholesome food that will genuinely benefit the consumer. In April of 2015, Alex became a team member of Keenwah, Co. and it revitalized in him a passion for creating healthy and delicious food that anyone can enjoy. Alex believes that sometimes people overlook the healing power of food; by simply eating whole foods, that haven’t been manufactured in some processing plant, we can begin to feel healthier and more energized on a daily basis. Alex says, “I love food and I love people and nothing makes me happier than people enjoying the food they are eating.” 

Nicole Vigil, our line cook, was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and has been cooking since she was tall enough to reach the kitchen counter. With a passion for food from all styles and cultures she enjoys experimenting and creating unique, one of a kind cuisine. Known by her friends and family as a comedian and a chef, she is often surrounded by the people she loves - cooking for them and making them laugh. Nicole loves spending time in the garden and tending to her chickens, and on cold winter days, cuddling with her cat and watching science fiction movies. Nicole says, "I am overjoyed to join the Keenwah crew and I know that every day will be an adventure bringing happy, healthy smiles to the people of Colorado." 

Kate Deeny, Operations Manager for Keenwah, Co., is a native to Colorado and a quinoa enthusiast.  Growing up in the footsteps of her dear childhood friend, Biz, Kate jumped at the opportunity to help out with sales and the day-to-day operations of a food truck concept providing healthy, delicious quinoa creations to adventurous, outdoorsy Coloradans. Kate flourishes in communities by understanding the food created. From Mexico, Argentina, San Francisco and now to her home in Denver, Kate enjoys experiencing the local food and cultural scene while she pursues a dual MSW/MBA degree at the University of Denver.